E-Commerce solution for Digitec Galaxus AG


Together, the online shops digitec.ch and galaxus.ch from Digitec Galaxus AG. Up to 27'000 orders are processed daily at the central warehouse in Wohlen (Switzerland), which is home to 46'500 m2 of storage space. “Because of our next-day delivery promise, the order-picking and shipping challenge is huge,” says Martin Ballus of Digitec Galaxus. Since capacity at the manual packaging stations was stretched to its limits, the company decided to buy two CMC packaging machines that dynamically make a variety of cardboard packaging on a just-in-time basis. This eliminates the need to handle and store prefabricated shipping boxes. It’s also helped to cut material costs and drastically decrease cardboard consumption. The 80% savings made on filling material used in multi-item orders are substantial, because there’s simply no more need for it as accurately sized boxes are being made on demand.


Banding: a vital part of the packaging line
For the Digitec Galaxus multi-item orders, the items included in each order have to be bundled and then fed into the CMC plant. While bundling used to be done manually in the past, the point had been reached where sensible partial automation was required – and this need was met by 11 of our very own US-2000 AD banding machines. The banding machines ensure that perfectly structured goods are fed into the CMC. Digitec Galaxus had also tested the stretch wrapping, shrink wrapping and strapping technologies. “But the banding technology stood out as the clear choice in the end,” adds the Digitec Galaxus manager.


Enhanced productivity – and other benefits


  • Banding as a technology has made a great impression , as it’s easy to use and offers great value for money
  • Switzerland’s biggest online retailer expects banding to double or even triple its workforce
  • Low-material packaging helps Digitec Galaxus to meet its savings targets in terms of its material consumption