US-2000 LBM-MS-V

The banding system for multi-stacking


With fully automatic separation, feed-in and alignment to the machine

Entire layers can be inserted in this banding system for multiple stacks. The subsequent separating, feeding and centering to the machine is fully automated.


The cut label stacks are being pushed directly from the guillotine across to the feeding table of the label banding system US-2000 LBM-MS-V.
The label stacks are aligned and separated on the feeding table. The stacks are pushed in rows into the integrated US-2000 banding machine. The number of bands per stack can be adjusted on the touch screen of the stack length. With this special machine, the formats can be easily adjusted to the new product.



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   Technical data
  Performance depending on product
  Band width 20, 30, 50 mm
  Voltage upon request
  Other data depending on model



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