Banding system US-2000 TRS-L

With an extra-long conveyor bel


Ideal for long product stacks for single or double use

The US-2000 TRS-L banding machine with an extra long conveyor transfers the product-stacks (one- or two-up) of the upstream-machine and pushes the stacks till the product stopper. Before banding, the stacks will be pressed and centred on all sides.


Due to the long conveyor also long products and high stacks can get processed without any interruption. The lateral guidance will be adjusted to the product width by the measurement stick.



  • Aligned stacks due to all side centering
  • Extra long conveyor for long products
  • Variable format range
  • Bundling of all paper qualities possible
  • Edge protection banding



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   Technical data
  Performance depending on product
  Band width 30, 50 mm
  Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz, 6 A
  Electrical power depending on model
  Weight depending on model
  Dimension depending on mode



  • Printer position control for printed banding material

  • Single or double press




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