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From Meisterschwanden into the world

Wherever possible, we replace conventional packaging with bands, thus reducing packaging material to a minimum. This has been the first guiding principle of ATS-Tanner Banding Systems AG since it was founded in 1988. A captivating idea, as was soon to become apparent.

Everything from a single source

After initial successes in the graphics industry, the innovative, edge and product-friendly packaging technology quickly established itself in other sectors. For many years, we have been developing pioneering banding solutions for the main markets of graphics, food, manufacturing, logistics and pharmaceuticals. From the very beginning, ATS has been more than just a machine manufacturer and distributor of banding material. Our carefree package includes the four core competencies of advice, machine, material and service. These are closely interlinked. They make us a provider of complete solutions and a long-term partner for our customers.

Genuine customer proximity

Our products meet high quality standards. The reliability and safety of our banding solutions is appreciated by customers all over the world - from vegetable producers to global companies. When it comes to advice, service or maintenance, customer proximity is still a decisive success factor. That is why we have subsidiaries in Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Canada, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, as well as over 50 representatives in all parts of the world.  They are familiar with local peculiarities and are there for our customers around the clock.

When looking for packaging, the first thing that comes to mind is banding

The demand for ecologically sustainable packaging solutions is increasing worldwide. Reducing CO2 emissions is perhaps the most important goal for us all. Banding with ATS not only means minimizing packaging material, but also stands for the use of energy-efficient and durable machines. This is especially true for banding machines with ultrasonic technology, our core competence in mechanical engineering. We are therefore convinced that our original idea is more relevant than ever before.

This is us

Testimonials from our customers

Frederik De Broyer
IJsedal Maatwerkbedrijf vzw
Overijse, Belgium

«We bundle around 22,000 parcels a day for Colruyt, the largest retailer in Belgium. We use up to nine shrink-wrapping machines for this. Because our customer wanted to reduce plastic consumption and wanted the material to be 100% recyclable, we decided to switch to banding. ATS-Tanner supported us in our vision from the very first discussions and gave us the best possible advice. In the end, we chose a versatile solution that can be used for all types of packaging and can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure. The first devices are now in use and the results are exceeding our expectations. This would not have been possible without the proactive contribution of ATS.»

Javier Redondo
Technischer Verkaufsleiter
Global Pack
La Gangosa, Almería, Spain

«We were commissioned to develop a new solution for packaging zucchinis and Palermo peppers. Supermarkets are pushing for such changes because they want to reduce plastic consumption at the request of their customers. Our solution is bands - and we brought ATS-Tanner on board for this. I appreciated our partner's willingness to try out different types of machines and materials. We have already been able to significantly reduce the use of plastic and thus enhance the value of the products on the shelves. Together with the specialists from ATS-Tanner, we will even be able to use a band made of 100% paper.»

Tilmann Wild
Director Operations Leaflets & Managing Director Faller Hungary
August Faller GmbH & Co. KG
Binzen, Germany

«We have been using two fully automatic banding machines from ATS-Tanner for a long time. With the US-2000 FSB-A machines, we are able to produce piggyback package inserts and reliably meet the requirements of our customers in the pharmaceutical industry at all times. We would definitely choose ATS-Tanner technology again because of its high reliability. In addition, the excellent training of our technicians ensures our long-term success and has never let us down.»

Damian Müller
Klingele Paper & Packaging Group
Werne, Germany

«The faulty production of a machine component caused us a lot of downtime. A case for our supplier ATS-Tanner. Service technicians from Switzerland and Germany arrived and carried out a meticulous analysis.  The affected unit was replaced immediately.  ATS took our problems very seriously.  The commitment on site, the availability of the technicians on the phone and the quality of the remote assistance were convincing. I was impressed by how open ATS was to our employees' suggestions on how to design certain machine parts even better in the future. ATS-Tanner is definitely a machine manufacturer that has understood the 'voice of the customer'.»

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