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Shelf Ready Packaging

From the manufacturer directly to the store shelf: shelf ready packaging (SRP) is the solution

Shelf ready packaging (also called “retail ready packaging”) ensures that products travel safely, efficiently and ecologically from the manufacturer directly to the store shelf and that they appeal to customers. Without any repackaging. This places stringent demands on the retail packaging.

Minimize packaging
Minimize packaging
Efficient logistics
Efficient logistics
Promoting sales
Promoting sales

Major savings potential

Shelf ready packaging offers potential for optimization and savings all along the supply chain. Handling and logistics are simplified and become more secure. However, the main advantages of functional packaging are to be found at the point of sale: as the goods are delivered without secondary packaging and can be placed on shelves without the use of tools or scissors, staff in the sales outlet can work much more efficiently.

Promotional display without repackaging

Consumers are becoming more sensitive about packaging. Ecologically sustainable packaging is more sought-after then ever. Shelf ready packaging is therefore an interesting route for packaging marketing to take. Consumers standing in front of a shelf decide on average within five seconds which product they will buy. The packaging itself and the attractive presentation of the product are the decisive factors.

Less waste

Much less waste arises along the entire supply chain because goods with SRP are already delivered in their retail packaging and no secondary packaging or additional material is needed. The boxes and bands used are 100% recyclable and can be readily and ecologically disposed of after the sale.

Less packaging material, simpler handling and ready for the store shelf

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Frequently asked questions about shelf ready packaging

  • Secondary packaging is an additional external packaging enclosing a product which is already packaged.
  • Secondary packaging can protect a product during transportation. However, secondary packaging can also only act as an additional information or promotional surface.
  • Retail packaging protects the product on the way from the shelf to the end-consumer and often extends the product’s storage life.
  • Retail packaging is an advertising medium. Retail packaging is intended to appeal to customers and influence their purchase behavior.
  • But retail packaging is also an information carrier: for example in the case of foodstuffs, it informs customers about the ingredients, preparation and shelf life or provides information for allergy sufferers.
  • Retail packaging should avoid unnecessary packaging waste and should also be reusable, recyclable or compostable if at all possible.


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