Banding is future-proof packaging and fulfills numerous packaging functions

Adhesive-free banding is the standard for environmentally friendly and efficient packaging and the resource-saving alternative to shrink film, bag packaging, strapping or cardboard sleeves. And thanks to just-in-time printing, it eliminates the need for additional labeling.

Paper or film banding holds products together, labels them, applies branding, or seals packaging. Without glue, with a minimum of packaging material and gentle handling of fragile products. Banding is extremely versatile: from banding freshly harvested vegetables to bundling textiles in the laundry. From sealing and labeling food trays to securely holding together heavy wood products in the furniture industry. From the material-saving bundling of polystyrene insulation boards in the construction industry to the banding of high-quality luxury goods. And from banding printed matter to bundling promotional packaging for contract packagers.

Replace plastic with paper
Replace plastic with paper
Minimize packaging
Minimize packaging
Increase productivity
Increase productivity
Achieve sustainability goals
Achieve sustainability goals
Branding with Banding
Branding with Banding

Branding with banding: embellish products

A band as brand ambassador on the shelf

High-quality printed banding is a brand ambassador on the shelf. Up to 100 mm wide, banding can be printed on both sides in up to 12 colors and offers plenty of space for information - from storytelling to barcodes. Variable information such as composition, price, lot number or production date is printed just-in-time during the banding process in the space provided on the band. Paper bands are more flexible than cardboard sleeves: the length of the band can be adjusted to fit the size of the product.

Adhesive-free labeling

Simultaneous bundling and labeling

Banding machines with integrated printers band and label at the same time, eliminating the need for additional labeling. Company logos, packaging and sell-by dates, 1D or 2D codes, retail prices, and more are printed directly onto paper and film bands just-in-time during the banding process. If required, the printed image will always remain in the desired position, even with varying product volumes.

Closing and sealing of packaging

Banding seals all types of packaging

Whether it is heavy shipping cartons, shoe boxes, meal trays for take-out meals, or cardboard trays for fruits and vegetables, paper or film banding closes packaging securely, gently, and in a customer-friendly manner. Depending on the application and requirements, banding can also be used for storage, loading and transport, merchandising and information.

Bundling with a minimum of packaging

Grouping into logistical units

Banding combines smaller consignments or items into larger units to optimize transport and storage processes. Optional just-in-time codes printed on the bands enable goods to be recorded and tracked quickly. This leads to improved warehouse management, faster order processing and generally increased transparency in the supply chain. Examples include the bundling of items for right-size packaging in e-commerce or the use of paper bands instead of plastic bags, tubing and shrink-wrap when bundling goods in retailers' distribution centers.

Multipacks and promotional packaging

Customer-friendly multipacks at the POS

A band is frustration-free packaging. The infinitely variable sealing force of ATS ultrasonic sealing technology ensures the right mix of security and ease of opening. Consumers benefit from the simplest possible product handling: there is no need to laboriously cut open films, simply tear them open. The bands can simply be returned to the recycling cycle and generate a minimum of packaging waste. The ultrasonic sealing technology and the variety of banding materials also allow bundling in the frozen food sector or of fruit and vegetables directly in the field.

7 frequently asked questions and answers about banding

What is banding and how does it work? What are banderoles? And is banding environmentally friendly? 7 frequently asked questions and answers.

Why banding with ATS?

High performance through high cycle rates

ATS banding machines achieve the highest cycle rates on the market. A critical factor for high productivity and efficient operations.

Highest band tension on the market

The powerful ATS banding machines achieve the highest band tension on the market. A critical advantage when strapping heavy products.

Ultrasonic sealing technology

Banding machines with ultrasonic sealing technology are the most powerful, reliable and energy-efficient packaging machines on the market.

Innovative, eco-friendly banding material

Our range of banding materials is as diverse as the applications for which banding is used. We know the characteristics of each of our products down to the last detail.

Global sales and service network

We are there for our customers around the world in the event of a malfunction - with a service or maintenance contract tailored to your individual needs.

Designed and built in Switzerland

Our banding machines are built to high quality and safety standards. They are subjected to rigorous endurance testing before delivery.

Banding machines

Banding machines and banding systems

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News and applications about banding

Application examples from various industries

Automatic labeling of meat products

Sustainable bundling of OTC products

Less plastic waste in fruit and vegetables

Automatic labeling in the cosmetics industry

Increase productivity and minimize costs in e-commerce

Automatic labeling of ready meals

Banding for pastry and baked goods

Automatic labeling and unitizing of vegan products

Band laundry and reduce the amount of waste

Sustainable banding for Co-Packers

What packaging function can banding perform for you?

Do you want to minimize your packaging, replace plastic with paper and reduce your CO2 footprint? Would you like to automate manual work steps and increase your efficiency? Or are you a machine manufacturer and want to incorporate reliable, state-of-the-art banding technology into your machines?