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Our bands are made from a variety of materials and are available in widths between 15 mm and 100 mm. Bands made from brown or white paper are particularly eco-friendly. Film bands are made from high-quality raw materials which guarantee recyclability. Our paper and film bands are perfect promotion, image and information carriers. They can be printed in advance with up to ten non-migrating colors, or they can be single-color printed during banding. Bands are also extremely user-friendly and can be opened easily by hand. And bands are tough: they support up to 30 kg and can be deep-frozen, boiled, baked or microwaved.

Frequently asked questions about our banding material

Yes. Our banding material is recyclable. On this point also see the declaration of conformity on the recyclability of the banding material.

Bands made of paper or film are pre-printed with up to 10 colors using the flexographic printing process. Additional, flexible information such as LOT numbers, best before dates or barcodes are printed by a thermal transfer printer during banding into placeholders provided for this purpose.

Yes. But there are quality differences in the print image due to the material. You obtain the highest-quality print with our FSW banding stretch film. See also Area of application Branding with Banding and Printed banderoles.

Yes. Our material suppliers are certified to FSSC 22000, our printing shop to BRC (British Retail Consortium). Both therefore meet stringent hygiene requirements. We also only use low-migration, organoleptically neutral inks which are approved for food products.

  • Paper bands are available in strengths from 70 g/m2 to 120 g/m2 and in widths from 30 mm to 100 mm.
  • Film bands are available in thicknesses from 50 my to 210 my and in widths from 15 mm to 100 mm.
  • Banding paper is made from brown or white paper
  • Banding film is made from polypropylene, high density polyethylene and polylactic acids

The load-bearing capacity and tear resistance depend on the material, its thickness and width. The best results are achieved with PEH, FTN and FTND banding films: they can carry up to 30 kg without any problems.

Yes, we are FSC certified and also offer FSC certified banding paper.

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