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Food packaging

Food packaging is an information carrier and protects food against outside influences, damage, contamination and loss.

Food packaging ensures safe transportation and optimal storage. It is also an information carrier and promotional medium. Food packaging made from plastic can also prolong shelf life and helps to minimize food waste. Depending on the exact application, bands made from paper or film can be used as primary or secondary packaging.

Replace plastic with paper
Food labeling
Avoid waste
Reduce energy consumption
Reduce packaging

Environmentally friendly and practical: Banding food products

Banding offers numerous advantages in food packaging

Automatic labeling of ready meals

Less plastic waste in fruit and vegetables

Automatic labeling of meat products

Banding for Retail

Automatic labeling and unitizing of vegan products

Banding fruit and vegetables

Printed, transparent and unprinted bands made from paper or plastic bundle long fruit and vegetables such as cucumbers, zucchini, bananas or spring onions. Adhesive-free and also free from toxic or chemical residues. Cardboard trays combined with environmentally friendly bands are the perfect ecological packaging for round fruit and vegetables such as apples, pears, tomatoes or oranges. Bands made from a variety of materials are ideally suited for labeling fruit and vegetables. They can be printed on both sides and have just-in-time additional information such as the use-by date added during banding. Banding is a complete packaging solution. No additional labels are necessary. Banding machines also operate in damp and cold conditions without any loss of efficiency. And they can also deal with dirt.

Bundling convenience food

Banding is the perfect packaging technology for bundling food products packaged in trays or films, such as fresh pasta, meat or charcuterie. Banding multi-packs saves packaging material, makes handling easier at the point of sale and is extremely user-friendly. The band serves three simultaneous functions for food products packaged on plastic or cardboard trays: it protects against unauthorized opening, replaces the price tag and supplies all product information. Examples are sushi, roulades, eggs and ready meals. Information such as the best before date or the EAN code are printed just in time during banding. No additional labels are necessary. ATS banding machines are tough and can withstand extreme conditions: heat, cold or damp does not bother them. Our bands can be deep frozen, baked or microwaved.

Banding for packaging drinks

Banding as an alternative to shrink wrapping: the combination of a cardboard tray or bottle carrier and a paper band is the sustainable way of packaging drinks bottles. It is stable and works for bottles and drinks cans. The advantages: less rubbish, no plastic, easy to open, and easy for the consumer to recycle.

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