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Packaging for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Varying with the particular application, the demands placed on pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging and the related packaging machines used for these products differ markedly from those in other sectors.

The progress made in personalized medicine demands intelligent and flexible pharmaceutical packaging. Packaging equipment must also be capable of handling small quantities reliably. The trend towards natural cosmetics products also places new demands on the packaging: cosmetics packaging must be as sustainable as possible both in its manufacture and disposal.

Avoid waste
Avoid waste
Safe transport
Safe transport
Protects edges, borders and surfaces
Protects edges, borders and surfaces

Banding is the optimal packaging for pharmaceutical products

Banding offers numerous advantages when packaging over-the-counter (OTC) medications and cosmetic products

Automatic labeling in the cosmetics industry

Sustainable bundling of OTC products

Multi-packs for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

Our banding machines and equipment can also handle large quantities extremely efficiently. Our know-how and solutions for bundling and combining blister packs, sachets, stick packs, small folding cardboard boxes and small bottles are being applied everywhere in the world. From manual to fully automatic. Banding multi-packs has many advantages over shrink wrapping: significantly less waste, greatly reduced energy consumption, packs opened without tools and up to 70% lower costs for handling and logistics.

Personalized medication in the pharmaceutical industry

The ever-increasing variety of medications increases the complexity of production in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical companies must not only manufacture smaller batches but also frequently switch between batches. Depending on the precise application, every pharmaceutical product must be printed with individual information. This also places stringent demands on the flexibility of the entire process chain. If required, our banding machines print every single item of medication individually – directly onto the band without any additional label. This is performed fully automatically, extremely reliably and, thanks to ultra-sonic technology, without adhesives and heat generation.

Sustainable packaging for natural cosmetics

The trend nowadays is towards natural products for the care of the body and face. Cosmetics packaging, too, must be as natural as possible and consume minimum resources in its manufacture and disposal; it must also avoid plastics. We offer paper bands to meet these requirements. They can be printed in advance and very easily recycled along with used paper. Bands treat edges with care (e.g. on cardboard) and can be opened easily by hand. Widths from 15 mm to 100 mm and also in high-quality recyclable film make creative cosmetics packaging perfectly feasible.

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