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No plastic, less waste: banding with paper is the eco-friendly and customer-friendly packaging for textiles

Paper bands replace shrink film, plastic bags and other plastic packaging in the automatic packaging of textiles in laundries, online retail and other areas. Logos, advertising messages or codes are printed directly onto the bands.

Packaging and bundling textiles of all kinds with paper bands and ultrasonic sealing technology from ATS offers numerous advantages over packaging with shrink film, plastic bags and plastic bags.  From clothing such as shirts, pants or jackets to home textiles such as bed linen, towels or pillowcases to carpets and floor coverings: The up to 100 mm wide, printable bands made of paper or film hold textiles together securely and with a minimum of packaging material, labeling them in the same step if required.

Replace plastic with paper
Replace plastic with paper
Reduce energy consumption
Reduce energy consumption
Increase productivity
Increase productivity
Minimize packaging
Minimize packaging
Automate processes
Automate processes

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Banding textiles in laundries

Banding of textiles in online retail

Other applications for banding textiles

Packaging textiles in laundries

Bundling textiles without plastic - with a minimum of packaging

Bands made of paper replace conventional packaging such as shrink wrap, plastic bags or plastic bags in laundries. Banding not only reduces packaging material to a minimum, but is also more efficient and flexible than the packaging mentioned. Handling the bands is also very easy for the recipients of the washed textiles: the bands can simply be opened by hand, generate very little waste and are returned to the raw material cycle via the paper collection.

Error-free operation and automated processes thanks to just-in-time centered printed codes

In laundries, individual codes ensure precise allocation of laundry to the respective customer and avoid errors. Information on the date of cleaning or the expected collection date also facilitates planning and coordination in the operational process. The automatic reading of these codes also supports efficient sorting and organization in the laundry, which saves time and minimizes the risk of mix-ups. Banding machines with integrated printers print codes onto the bands during the banding process. Built-in exhibition systems measure the length, width and height of the stacks and adjust the print position just-in-time to the circumference of the stacks. The result: the codes are always placed where they are needed for further processing, regardless of the size of the stacks.

Banding machines with ultrasonic sealing technology from ATS reduce energy consumption

Energy consumption is a major cost driver in laundries, as the operation of washing machines, dryers and ironers requires high water and energy consumption. Banding machines with ultrasonic sealing technology are the most energy-efficient banding machines on the market. For example, a banding machine with ultrasonic sealing technology consumes around 98% less electricity than a shrinking machine.

Banding machines from ATS for the packaging of textiles in laundries

Packaging textiles in e-commerce

Paper bands increase efficiency, carry information and support the unboxing experience

Paper bands make the packaging process easier by organizing and sorting textiles and increase the efficiency of automatic packaging machines. They are also environmentally friendly information carriers on which product information, brand logos and care instructions can be placed - without additional labels. Paper bands also improve the appearance of packaged textiles, create an attractive unboxing experience and strengthen brand identity.

Banding machines from ATS for the packaging of textiles in online retail

Packaging other textiles

Banding is as flexible and versatile as the textiles themselves

Banding is also the practical and environmentally friendly packaging for household textiles such as mops or cleaning cloths, blankets on board aircraft, technical textiles, filtration textiles, medical textiles, protective textiles, geotextiles, automotive textiles or carpets and floor coverings. The banding machines with ultrasonic sealing technology from ATS bundle and label all types of textiles, from delicate small products such as surgical masks to heavy rolled carpets.

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Efficiency and protecting the environment through banding

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