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Branding with Banding

An environmentally friendly band in your corporate design attracts customers’ attention at the point of sale.

A paper or recyclable film band up to 100 mm wide supports branding and brand management as well as attracting attention amongst your target group. It presents your corporate identity on the store shelf and also provides enough space for additional information such as best before dates, ingredients or batch numbers. All this without additional labeling. The ideal branding for all consumer goods – thanks to high standards of hygiene in our BRC-certified printing shop as well as non-migrating and organoleptically neutral inks including for foodstuffs.

Promoting sales
Promoting sales
Avoid waste
Avoid waste
Minimize packaging
Minimize packaging

Printed bands take over branding and labeling for a wide variety of products

Automatic labeling in the cosmetics industry

Banding means gentle bundling of stacked print products

Automatic labeling of ready meals

Automatic labeling of meat products

Sustainable bundling of OTC products

Less plastic waste in fruit and vegetables

A band as an ambassador for your brand

The packaging increases the attractiveness of a product and provides guidance among the range of goods. The design of the packaging has a significant influence on the purchase decision at the point of sale. Customers perceive the product and the packaging as a single entity. It is therefore all the more important to convey the brand promise via the packaging. Striking and high-quality printed bands made of paper or film make sure that your product attracts the attention it deserves. Bands offer more than just sufficient space for the product name – they also offer space for logos, photos, illustrations, instructions for use, recipes, competitions, labeling, story-telling or ingredients. There are (almost) no limits to your marketing.

Identification without additional labels

All the information previously printed on a label and then applied to the product can be printed on the band. Depending on the type of information involved, it can be printed on the band in advance or printed just in time during the banding. This minimizes downtime, avoids rejections and reduces set-up times. The information on labels facilitates stock management and therefore the locating of materials. Customers are most interested in best before dates. Information on the product’s origin, for example the production site, or the date of manufacture of food and consumer goods are also of growing interest to consumers.

Branding with Banding is as simple as this.

  1. The product to be packed is precisely measured. This ensures that the selected band is printed in such a way that your product stands out from other products on the store shelf and can be easily read at the check-out by the bar code scanner.
  2. We send you an electronic template which corresponds exactly to the product after packaging and the band you selected. Allowance is made for place holders for just-in-time information.
  3. You design the template exactly as you wish and return it to us electronically.
  4. We print the band to match your template and promptly deliver it to you.

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