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Logistics covers the transport, storage, handling, order picking, sorting, packaging and distribution of goods. We have the right packaging for this.

The demands placed on packaging and packaging machines are just as multi-faceted as the logistics process. We offer reliable and integrated solutions for packaging logistics, intralogistics, transport logistics and delivery logistics. From well-founded advice about the right packaging machine through to the optimal packaging material, comprehensive customer service rounds off what we have to offer.

Safe transport
Reduce packaging
Connection to production line
Efficient logistics

Banding offers numerous advantages in e-commerce

Increase productivity and minimize costs in e-commerce

Application examples for banding in e-commerce

Transport packaging

Transport packaging protect the goods against damage, moisture, water spray, or dust. Transport packaging also facilitates the delivery to the customer and provides increased protection during delivery. Unlike retail packaging, this type of packaging never arrives at the end-consumer and is only used for movements between the manufacturer and wholesaler.

Shipping packaging

Packaging is an important part of the supply chain for every company. Shipping packaging is particularly significant in this process. It is not only a cost factor but its acquisition cost, quality and form impact on the entire production and logistics processes. Shipping packaging protects against vibration, damp, dirt and dust and also has promotional and information functions. Shipping packaging should also be suitable for storage (e.g., take up as little storage space as possible) and help minimize transport costs.

Bundling, sealing, informing and promoting all in one: that’s banding.

Banding does many jobs at the same time in logistics. It keeps products together after order picking until they are packed into shipping packaging of a suitable size by box-on-demand machines (e.g., in e-commerce). Bands made from transparent film seal shipping boxes in such a way that codes and the address also remain readable by electronic scanners. Bands can also be printed: this can be with promotional information or with bar codes for logistical purposes (e.g., EAN 128). ATS banding machines range from the simple table model through to extremely high performance equipment fully integrated into the packaging line. Our banding material is 100% recyclable and is easily disposable.

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