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Banding in fulfillment, co-packing and e-commerce

Sustainable and flexible banding solutions for fulfillment service providers, contract packers and e-commerce companies.

For Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), which include everyday goods such as food, hygiene products, cosmetics or pet supplies, the time-to-market is often only a few months. The process steps from production to delivery must be precisely timed and smoothly interlinked. This also includes the packaging, finishing and packing of products and goods packages. This creates numerous challenges for fulfillment service providers.

Banding is flexible, minimizes packaging and reduces energy consumption along the entire value chain. Bands hold products securely together, seal shipping cartons, take over product finishing, are information carriers and optimize processes.

Low energy consumption
Low energy consumption
Minimize packaging
Minimize packaging
Avoid waste
Avoid waste
Automate processes
Automate processes
Easy opening
Easy opening

Only as much packaging as necessary

Banding reduces packaging to a minimum, cuts energy consumption by 98% compared to shrink-wrapping, replaces plastic with paper, automates packaging processes and eliminates the need for additional labeling.


Bundling articles for right-size packaging

Bands bundle articles into logistical units and hold them securely together on the conveyor belt to the packaging machine. In the shipping carton, they provide a secure hold without filling material. Codes printed just-in-time on the bands support the digitization of processes.

Gentle sealing of shipping cartons

Tear-resistant bands securely seal heavy packages (e.g. with pet food, furniture, car accessories or household goods). The wide bands do not damage the shipping cartons, facilitate handling all the way to the end customer and thus reduce returns.

Banding optimizes returns management and storage

Bands are tamper-evident and facilitate returns handling. Returned shoe boxes with intact bands can be returned directly to the warehouse. Packages sealed with bands ensure easier handling and allow space-saving storage.

Banding is flexible and increases productivity

Banding machines offer full flexibility: they reduce manual work steps and can be integrated into production lines. Bands made of paper and film are processed on the same machine.

Product refinement through Branding with Banding

Banded products stand out at the POS. The bands, which can be up to 100 mm wide, can be printed on both sides with 12 colors and offer plenty of space for information - from storytelling to barcodes. Variable information is printed just-in-time on the bands.

Perfect Unboxing Experience 

A band is frustration-free packaging. The smoothly adjustable sealing force ensures the right mix of easy tearing and security. Consumers benefit from the simplest product handling imaginable: the tedious cutting of films is no longer necessary, simply tearing open is enough.

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