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The surprisingly attractive employer

About 110 committed staff in Switzerland and 40 more at our subsidiaries engage their specialist skills and an equal amount of vigor every day in their mission to satisfy customers with intelligent packaging solutions.

As a modern, international family SME, it is essential that we adapt rapidly to the ever-changing market conditions. Lean management and ISO provide us with suitable approaches, methods and processes for this. We are also aware that we need a corporate culture which not only accepts change but is aimed at promoting change. We are working actively at this. We are well on the way to a corporate culture characterized by commitment, personal responsibility, cooperativeness, creativity and fun.

We are committed to

  • equal opportunities for men and women. This means the same pay for the same work, and the same development and training opportunities.
  • People from many different cultures work for us. Staff are neither directly nor indirectly disadvantaged because of their faith or origin.
  • Qualified and experienced staff are a key factor for the competitiveness of ATS Banding Systems AG. We therefore promote the professional and personal development of staff by focused training and coaching activities.
  • Our staff spend the majority of their time with us. Ergonomic workplaces, modern offices, tools and production facilities guarantee well-being, health and motivation.
  • We make demands of our staff but we also support them. We create mutual transparency and clarity with the aid of goal and performance agreements.
  • As part of the global ATS Tanner Group, we are active in an international and extremely diverse environment.
  • Regular events such as the Spring Festival and the Easter Party reinforce team spirit and ensure that we always have a good fund of stories.


Vacancies and unsolicited applications

In addition to specific vacancy notices, we are always open to contact with qualified and ambitious specialist personnel. Don’t hesitate – send your application to talent@ats-tanner.com.