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We are a family business existing since 1983 with the DNA of a modern start-up company

For us as a modern, international family-owned SME, it is essential that we adapt quickly to constantly changing market conditions. Lean management and ISO provide us with suitable approaches, methods and processes for this. We not only want to allow change, but also to promote it in a targeted manner, and we welcome motivated employees who actively contribute to our corporate culture, which is characterized by commitment, personal responsibility, helpfulness, creativity and fun.

To the open positions

We constantly have exciting opportunities available!

This is our headquarters in Switzerland

This is our company culture

The best from two worlds

We are a family business existing since 1983 with the DNA of a modern startup.

Diversity guaranteed

We are constantly developing as a company - and you develop with us. There is no such thing as boredom with us.

Career planning, development & promotion

We offer numerous opportunities for advancement and transfer. Not according to a prefabricated plan, but according to your wishes, interests and abilities.

Contribute ideas and leave traces

You have ideas on how we can improve? We are all ears! With us, you have the opportunity to implement your ideas and leave your mark.

We care for each other

We are three companies under one name and we stick together. In our family SME, you are not just a number in the personnel system, but a person with needs, wishes and feelings.

Open doors

We practice an open-door policy. And we do so across all hierarchical levels.

We are on first name terms

From apprentices to management - we're on first name terms.

Sustainable People Management

We invest a lot in your development. At the same time, we also want you to develop personally and our company. After all, we want you to be satisfied, have fun and stay with us for a long time.

Open culture of error

We are constantly developing and trying out new things. Making mistakes and learning from them is part of it.

High quality from A-Z

In everything we do: We value style and quality. From the décor of our premises and our products to our events for employees.

Purposeful work

We think and act sustainably and help to make the world a little better with our products.

Humor is important

We are convinced that a healthy dose of humor makes life easier.

Fun and passion

A healthy work-life balance as well as fun and passion in what we do are important to us.

Pioneering spirit

Our history is characterized by a pioneering spirit. And this pioneering spirit is still within us.

To the vacancies

We are growing and always have interesting job offers in different areas and different countries.

These are your benefits

The following benefits apply to our HQ in Switzerland. The benefits at our subsidiaries may vary. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at talent-global@ats-tanner.com.

Easily reachable

We are easily reachable by car without traffic jams. Bus stops are in the immediate vicinity.

Free parking

We have plenty of free outdoor and underground parking spaces right in front of the door.

Optimal working conditions

We place real emphasis on ergonomics. This includes, for example, height-adjustable desks and two monitors at each workstation or vacuum lifters in logistics.

Feel good

We offer modern, open office space with daylight and places to retreat.

Flexible work

Of course, you can also work from your home office. Up to 40% of your working hours.

Breaks in nature

The breaks at the nearby Lake Hallwil are as relaxing as a short vacation.

Free water

Carbonated and non-carbonated water is free of charge. Coffee, tea and soup are available at cost price.

Healthy food

In our FELFEL refrigerator you will always find delicious and healthy food: Breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks.

Open positions and unsolicited applications

Regardless of advertised vacancies, we are always open to contacting qualified and passionate professionals. Send your unsolicited application to talent-global@ats-tanner.com