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Concentrate on your core business. We are your supportive and reliable partner with our truly all-round care package.

You want to produce and package with as little downtime as possible. Our premium-quality machines, high-quality expendable items and maintenance contracts specifically designed to meet your needs minimize downtime. And if something does go wrong, our highly-trained technicians will be with you very soon from their many bases spread across the world. Irrespective of where your banding machine or equipment is located.


Our specialists will install the packaging machine in your premises. They will assist you during commissioning and will optimize the system until the required product quality and productivity is achieved.


Your staff need to be able to operate your machine and materials safely and efficiently, and must also have the knowledge to maintain the machine reliably. We will train your operators and technicians on your site or at our Solution Center in Meisterschwanden, as required. 


We will plan maintenance work and replace wearing parts at the right time to avoid stoppages and lost output. A maintenance contract guarantees safe operation of the machine, efficiency, a long working life and predictable costs.


If you experience malfunctions, our well-trained technicians will soon be with you – and if you have an on-call agreement, they can be with you at any time of the day or night. They trace faults and ensure that downtime is as short as possible. Our extensive stocks provide excellent availability of spare parts.

Contact Customer Service

Do you need assistance? Do you have any questions about our services? Do you want to know more about our optional 24/7 stand-by support or the remote maintenance facility? Or do you need to rent a machine?

Our customer service is organized on a regional basis to guarantee rapid reaction, repair and delivery times.