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Promo packaging and cross-selling

3 for 2 campaigns, cross-selling offers, promotions or new products: Bundle your products together and increase sales.

Printed bands bundle identical or different products together. They are easy to open but secure, and guarantee simple handling from packaging through to disposal. We have the right promo packaging for your promotions and cross-selling offers for food products, household goods, textiles or electrical goods.


Avoid waste
Reduce packaging

Promo packaging

Whether special offers such as 3 for 2 campaigns, two products bundled together at a reduced price or other campaign packaging: our printed and 100% recyclable paper or film bands bundle your products simply, securely, attractively and in a customer-friendly way. Your marketing defines the appearance of the packaging. Additional just-in-time information such as bar codes can also be very easily added and printed during banding.


The bundling of related products for cross-selling campaigns supports the cross-selling strategy of your marketing and generates increased sales. Persuade your customers to buy additional or new products by packaging them together with a specific product as part of a promotion – in a single package. Promotionally effective and environmentally friendly paper or high-quality film bands hold complementary products such as pasta and wooden spoons, charcuterie and knives, or asparagus and raw ham safely together.

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