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We will support your sustainability strategy.

There is no such thing as the best packaging. But there is such a thing as the best packaging for your application. And there is also the packaging solution which ideally supports your sustainability strategy and helps you to achieve your specific goals.

What is your sustainability objective?

Banding reduces packaging material to a minimum

Environmentally friendly banderoles made from paper or high-quality recyclable plastic are in many cases the better alternative for traditional packaging. They hold promo packaging together without the use of adhesives and, depending on the application, can also act as the complete packaging solution. More about banding.

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Recyclable by design

We cooperate closely with the manufacturer of our banding material and never stop developing it – to increase the proportion of recycled raw material, for example. We can already say that our banding material is recyclable. Please also read our frequently asked questions about our banding material.

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Long-lived packaging machines

Our machines and equipment are extremely reliable, long-lived and low-maintenance. That means less service and maintenance and a long-term investment which pays off – including for the environment.

Fewer visits thanks to remote maintenance

Just as video-conferencing reduces business trips, remote maintenance for packaging machines and equipment reduces on-site service visits. Remote diagnosis can help identify defective parts at an early stage and therefore make the service more effective and efficient. We can offer remote maintenance as a self-contained complete package to suit your requirements or integrate it into an existing remote maintenance system.

Careful handling of the products to be packed

Our packaging solutions are always designed to avoid damage to the product to be packaged. This significantly reduces rejections.

No more packaging than necessary

For every application we look for the packaging solution which needs the least packaging material. But it goes without saying that at the same time the protection and security of the product must not be sacrificed.

Outstanding energy efficiency

Our packaging machines and equipment are extremely efficient and need up to 80% less energy than our competitors’ machines. This is reflected in a significantly lower energy consumption during production.

Fewer emissions

ATS-Tanner banding machines with a patented ultra-sonic welding process generate neither heat nor fumes. This results not only in good air quality and a more pleasant working environment but also in reduced energy consumption by your air-conditioning equipment.

CO2 neutral manufacture of our banding stretch film

The manufacture of our film is certified as carbon-neutral.

How can we help you minimize CO2 emissions?

The possibilities and their effects are different in every case. Let’s do the calculation together.

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Packaging from renewable resources and sustainable cultivation

Do you use paper for packaging? Does this have to come from responsible forest management? Then our FCS-certified paper is the right choice. We also have environmentally friendly film made from PLA (polylactic acid) in our range.

Industrially compostable film

PLA is the most important bioplastic in the packaging market. It meets the requirements for industrial compostability of DIN EN 13432.

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Our understanding of sustainability

Sustainability means treating our resources and environment in a responsible manner so that not just we but also future generations can benefit from them. We are convinced that the three pillars of sustainability must be in balance with each other if a company is to be managed sustainably over the long term. We continually strive to become more sustainable in all three areas and also examine which certification makes sense for us and our environment.

Ecological sustainability

Ecological sustainability relates to the preservation of nature and natural resources for our generation and generations to come. We are therefore already doing something about it – and more action will follow.

  • We are FSC certified and thus committed to the sustainable management of our forest.
  • We are certified to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001. By focusing on the continuous improvement process (CIP), we are obliged to continuously optimize our ecological sustainability.
  • We purchase 45% of the parts for our ATS banding machines from suppliers located no more than 10 km from our Meisterschwanden production site. 85% of our parts come from suppliers within a radius of 60 km. These short distances enable us to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.
  • In our trade fairs we insist on high-quality, reusable components and refuse disposable plastic.

Economical sustainability

Economical sustainability is aimed at fostering long-term thinking and, as a company, achieving sustained financial returns also over the long term.

  • As a family-owned SME, we are not under any shareholder value obligation and the associated need for short-term profit maximization. We think, act and run our company with the long term in mind – and therefore sustainably.
  • Our lean management uncovers waste. Our staff contribute their ideas and their potential. Involvement in decision-making reinforces a sense of responsibility, awareness of the company and care in the use of resources. This is how we ensure that we remain profitable and that we will also be in a position to develop and construct machines in Meisterschwanden in the future.

Social sustainability

Social sustainability guarantees a stable society. It also guarantees human dignity, human rights, and the right to work. For our generation and those that follow.

  • We develop and manufacture our packaging machines in Meisterschwanden. Our suppliers are in our immediate neighborhood. In this way we safeguard jobs in the Seetal region and Switzerland.
  • Our staff come from a wide range of cultures.
  • All staff are treated equally.
  • We pay fair wages and salaries.
  • We are a certified training company and therefore make an important contribution to the professional and social integration of young people.

News and applications about sustainability

How can we assist you?

What are your sustainability objectives? Do you want to minimize your carbon footprint? Or do you want to reduce your volume of waste? Have you resolved to use only packaging material that is 100% recyclable? Contact us and let’s work together to find the best solution.