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Printed items and corrugated cardboard

Narrow bands damage the edges of paper, cardboard and pasteboard during bundling. This generates rejections and increases production costs. Wide bands made from paper or film protect edges – and can also do much more.

Our banding machines count, stack and band corrugated cardboard, printed items and cardboard fully automatically if required. Damage-free edges without additional edge protection. And no labels needed: not only can bands be preprinted with promotionally effective content, but they can also be printed with information just in time and at high speed during banding. Banding is standard for bundling and packaging paper, cardboard and pasteboard.


Automating the packaging line
Less waste
Less energy consumption
Edge protecting

Packaging and protection for printed items

Traditional strapping damages the edges of the top and bottom copies when brochures, periodicals, flyers, mail shots and other printed matter are bundled. Manual or fully automated banding with banding material up to 100 mm wide made from paper or film prevents edge damage – without additional edge protection. Very precise adjustment of band tension assists this process. The infinitely variable adhesion strength ensures that the printed material remains securely in place while at the same time avoiding problems during the opening of the packaging. Packaging different formats is not a problem. Our banding material can be printed in advance to suit your requirements. Additional dynamic and customized information such as codes, article numbers and formats can be printed directly onto the band during banding.

Banding is the optimal packaging solution for the corrugated cardboard industry.

Ever-decreasing margins demand uncompromising quality and a high level of automation when packaging corrugated cardboard. The production of additional quantities because of expected rejections during packaging with traditional strapping and manual operations eats into the margin. This is where our proven and fully automated banding solutions come into play. The automated alignment from all sides including a press ensures perfect stacking. The wide bands made from paper or film guarantee secure bundling without edge damage. This means exact delivery quantities without additional edge protection. Dynamic information, for example for warehouse logistics or further processing, can be printed directly onto the band during banding.

Banding in the corrugated cardboard industry

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