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An ATS banding machine that sets new benchmarks. 

The successor to the world's best-selling banding machine combines the best of more than 30 years of mechanical engineering experience with state-of-the-art technology. This makes it the most reliable, user-friendly and sophisticated banding machine we have ever built. 

A perfect combination of design and function 

The robust banding machine is made exclusively of high-quality materials and components. The functionally well thought-out and timeless design ensures that it is a pleasure to operate and makes it a powerful, sophisticated and elegant machine with a high recognition value.

Positive user experience as competitive advantage 

A positive user experience increases productivity by avoiding operator errors, reduces training costs and ensures motivated employees. That's why we've invested heavily in design. From the self-explanatory user interface to the height-adjustable table and effortless band change.

Service and maintenance have never been more efficient 

After easy removal of the arch cover and table, all components are conveniently accessible. The clear separation of mechanics and electronics ensures ideal order, structure and overview. Error diagnoses and information for rectification are provided via the HMI. 

Prepared for standardized data exchange via IO-Link 

Built-in temperature, humidity, G-force and vibration noise sensors will in future provide information on the causes of failures and enable predictive maintenance. The controller is prepared for the connection of intelligent sensors and actuators with IO-Link. For example, for the automatic measurement of products via a light barrier.

The smartphone becomes the HMI 

Imagine being able to pull out your smartphone and use it to call up key figures such as OEE and other performance data, check the health status of the banding machine in real time, or call up a service technician with a tap. The machine is designed to do just that.

Your benefits

  • Minimal effort when training personnel with different languages thanks to intuitive, icon-controlled user guidance.
  • Ergonomic work thanks to tiltable, capacitive 5-inch touchscreen and simple height adjustment without loss of stability.
  • Quick and self-explanatory band change thanks to new, simplified dispenser concept.
  • Simple troubleshooting thanks to context-related, language-independent help with images and videos on the display.
  • Easy accessibility thanks to large service hatches and well thought-out design.
  • Enhanced information on failure causes on the HMI thanks to integrated temperature, humidity, G-force and vibration noise sensors.
  • Standardized data exchange with existing production lines and connection of intelligent sensors and actuators via IO-Link (IIoT-Ready).
  • Compliant with EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/eg. Complies with C standard EN 415-8 for strapping machines.

Banding news

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