Safe money with banding - Counting, stacking and bundling of banknotes




The banknotes should be in stacked bundles of 100. Afterwards these stacks should be banded into bundles of 10. The banknotes must be banded without any damage to the edges what so ever, such as cracks or creases. In addition it must be guaranteed that each bundle has exactly 100 notes. A capacity up to 100,000 counted and banded banknotes per hour is required.



The fully automated banding machine US-2000 FSB-DBN counts, stacks and bands the banknotes. The counting system counts the notes via two autonomous counters. The counting is monitored by a camera. An optional cardboard is used above and below each bundle of 10 to protect the banknotes. Following these stacks are banded again and pushed out of the machine.







  • It is guaranteed that the counted stacks are 100 notes because the counting is electronically monitored at the same time.
  • Two ultra-sonic sensors guarantee the length- and doublenotes control.
  • The band can be printed with customer and currency information.
  • In addition the banknotestacks are protected by inserting the cardboard.
  • More than 100,000 banknotes per hour can be processed which guarantees an accurate and efficient production flow.




      MASCHINE IN USE       US-2000 FSB-DBN