Postal parcel

Ready to send - complex parcel post - logistics



It is required that parcels of different formats and weights (0.8 kg to 30kg)are banded with the exact band tension of 1x or 2x and processed with a defined minimum discharge distance. Parcel insertion must be controlable to accommodate for the function of banding or not banding because customer internal boxes do not have lids and cannot be closed. Label information must be easy to scan to guarantee that the mail is correctly sorted at all times.


The parcels are transported via a transition belt to the conveyor belt of the US-2000 CL-DMS. The integrated servo-corner pusher with digital-measurement system, controls the required application.

  • "banding yes or no" is defined by measuring the length of the parcel
  • "1 or 2 band applications"
  • "band tension low / medium / high", defined by the measurement of the parcel height


After banding the parcels are individually transported in sequence by the pusher to the next machine with a defined minimum distance.








  • Instead of using three strapping machines to meet all the customer needs of the post one machine does it all.
  • The US-2000 CL-DMS automatically processes all parcel sizes.
  • The logistics for the customer is automated and clearly simplified.
  • The high processing cycle can be easily reached.
  • Banding with transparent banding material guarantees that the label information can always be scanned.




      MASCHINE IN USE       US-2000 CL-DMS