Internationally renowned - the ATS-Tanner Group



The ATS-Tanner Group with its head office in Zug consists of 11 companies and is active around the world. Our wealth of experience in a wide range of sectors is correspondingly great. The intensive exchange of knowledge and ability within the group enables us to create exceptional end packaging solutions. How the companies are connected:





Swiss marketing territory,

active in five technologies:



Active in the field of banding technology

around the world. The 6 main markets:


BFT Produktions AG develops and produces banding machines exclusively for the Tanner and ATS companies.


Seven subsidiaries belong to the ATS-Tanner company.

  • ATS-Tanner CA
  • ATS-Tanner DE
  • ATS-Tanner ES
  • ATS-Tanner FR
  • ATS-Tanner NL
  • ATS-Tanner PL
  • ATS-Tanner UK