Breaking the sound barrier


CEO Serge Tanner comments on the decade-long market success of the US-2000: “What is key is the modular engineering, cold welding with ultra-sonic technology (no odors, ideal hygiene) as well as the continuously adjustable band tension.”
The ATS employees celebrated the anniversary with a proper barbeque in Meisterschwanden. Alois Tanner, the nationally recognized master in end-use packaging: “We’re really proud of the number 10,000 – an achievement that truly deserves to be celebrated.”
The handover of the machine marking the anniversary to August Faller KG in Waldkirch, Germany was also an occasion for celebration. The company with a 130-year tradition in seven locations, including in Denmark and Poland, has around 1,200 employees. ATS has a great customer relationship with Faller – the company already has 35 ATS-Tanner machines and systems in operation.