Banding machine US-2000 AD-V

With side sealing


ATS Banding machine with side sealing for bundling small, slim line, damp or powdery products

Specially designed for small, slim line, damp or powdery products

The US-2000 AD-V banding machine with side sealing is particularly suitable:


  • For small products, which are higher than wide, e.g. labels
  • If side opening of band sealing is required
  • For protection of the unit against dirt or liquids


Thanks to the shortend transport path of the products through the machine, the US-2000 AD-V is of greater value upon integration into fully automatic lines.



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   Technical data
  Performance up to 35 bandings per minute (depending on arch size)
  Band width 20, 30, 40*, 50, 60*mm (*upon request)
  Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
  Electrical power depending on model
  Weight depending on model
  Dimension depending on model



  • Super soft tension
  • Band end prequery sensor with or without lamps
  • Printer position control for imprinted bands
  • Digital control unit with external operation panel
  • Stainless steel machine design

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