Banding system US-2200 LBS-SL

Longitudinal banding after inliner systems



Edge-protection banding of corrugated cardboard stacks.

The world‘s first US-2200 LBS-SL banding machine consists of a servo-driven longitudinal banding unit. For the gentle banding of die-cut, slottered and printed boxes. Thanks to smart, digital 2-step banding technology from ATS high-quality printed corrugated cardboard stacks can be banded without any damage to the edges. The system ensures the uninterrupted flow of products and mini-mizes waste. Thanks to the zero damage technology no surplus production is needed anymore.


  • Automatic banding machine for corrugated cardboard stacks

    Fully-automated longitudinal banding, up to 30 stacks/min.

  • Uninterrupted operation thanks to the double dispenser with splicer
  • Avoid waste thanks to edge-protection banding


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   Technical data
  Performance up to 30 stacks/min.
  Band width 15 mm / 30 mm
  Voltage 400 V / 50Hz (P+N+PE)
  Electrical power depending on model
  Weight depending on model

depending on model



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