Service is an attitude of mind.

The final objectives of the comprehensive services offered by ATS are keeping installed machines and systems running at all times and guaranteeing uninterrupted production for you as a client.


End packaging with ATS banding technology represents a genuine care-free package for you. Your requirements are comprehensively covered in every logistics situation – you can rely on us.


Our network of subsidiaries and national agencies ensures that your service requirements are dealt with promptly.



Material Optimization

Which band material is ideal for your particular packaging task? Could thinner material also be used? Which machine setting is the most cost-effective for your packaged goods?


The ATS specialists are pleased to respond to practical questions of this type. Make use of our experience to realize potential savings.


Don't hesitate to contact us.



Renting machines

Are your budgets currently stretched to the limit? Then temporary rental of a packaging machine (including ATS expendable items) can provide optimum service.


If required, you can also take over and purchase a rented machine, taking into account the rental payments. If you decide to purchase, for example 100% of the rental payments are taken into account during the first 6 months, thereafter 85%.



Rent-to-own machinery


Your decision in favor of an ATS banding machine can be geared towards a rent-to-own purchase right from the start.


Please just ask us – we will be pleased to be of assistance.




Would you like to invest quickly in a modern banding system and arrange affordable financing for it?


Whether a leasing company comes into play from your side or ours is irrelevant. We will find an individual solution in any event.


Contact us and explain your concern to us!



Technical customer service  


Our service organization provides prompt service to ensure that you receive the best possible support, and your concern is dealt with as quickly as possible.



Service inquiry

In the event of problems with your packaging machine, you can contact our customer service.



Machine maintenance

Carrying out maintenance in accordance with deadlines and cycles is important in order to fully maintain the functionality of your machine or system.


A tried and tested instrument designed for this purpose is the ATS maintenance contract. Simply give us a call if you would like to secure the benefits of this contract.


24-h on-call

service agreement

Many ATS customers experience tricky production phases or intensive periods during which it is vital that nothing goes wrong.


On request and by agreement, our service organization provides a 24-hour on-call service, ensuring that immediate troubleshooting is guaranteed in the case of emergency.



Replacement machinery

Is your packaging capacity not sufficient to cope with peak times? Did one of your machines 'drop out' at the worst possible moment?


Then we will be pleased to support you with replacement machinery. Simply give us a call, and we will deal with the problem.


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